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Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse

Crest Pro-Health helps you escape the scrape at your next dentist visit. It’s no surprise your dental check-ups leave you wanting to check out. That’s because of left behind tartar being scraped away. Luckily, Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse works hard to keep your teeth healthy, and your check-ups smooth.

Product description:

Give your mouth the protection it deserves. Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse not only helps prevent tartar and cavities, it's formulated to protect against surface stains and rebuild enamel. The invigorating sensation will leave your mouth fresh while you transform your oral health into Pro-Health.

  • Rebuilds enamel.
  • Helps freshen breath.
  • Protects against surface stains.
  • A healthy routine to help prevent cavities.

Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse

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Pro-Health Tartar Protection with Fluoride Anticavity Fluoride Rinse Refreshing Mint Flavor

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