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Diagnosing Sinus Gum Pain

Diagnosing Sinus Gum Pain

If you wake up feeling sinus gum pain, you may wonder what to do. Most people think about congestion and cough as the primary symptoms of a sinus infection, but sinus gum pain is also a common symptom that can cause significant discomfort.

Is My Sinus Gum Pain Caused by a Sinus Infection? 

A sinus infection, otherwise known as sinusitis, occurs when the tissue lining of your sinuses is swollen or inflamed, and can lead to sinus gum pain. Sinuses are normally filled with air, but when they become filled with fluid, germs can grow and lead to infection. (1) Approximately 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis each year, so sinus gum pain and dental pain are very common.

Here are some questions to help you determine if your sinus gum pain is associated with sinusitis.

  • Can you breathe through your nose? If not, you are likely suffering from congestion or nasal obstruction, both of which are possible signs of a sinus infection. (2)
  • Are you experiencing drainage of a thick, yellow, or greenish discharge from your nose or down your throat?
  • Is your face tender to the touch, or do you feel pressure around your eyes, cheeks, nose, and forehead?
  • Do your jaws and teeth hurt?
  • Do you notice a reduced sense of smell or taste?

If you notice any of these symptoms along with sinus gum pain, you may want to consult with a medical professional to confirm the diagnosis and get treatment recommendations.


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