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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Sugar?

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Sugar?

Do you have a sweet tooth, but cringe in pain every time you enjoy a sweet treat? If you have teeth sensitive to sugar, you may wonder if there’s any way to get relief. Fortunately, for those who suffer from teeth sensitive to sugar, there are solutions to help you enjoy your favorite foods and avoid discomfort.

Identifying the Cause of Teeth Sensitive to Sugar

While we often hear about sensitive teeth being caused by extreme temperatures, there are other things that can trigger teeth sensitivity as well. Many people suffer from teeth sensitive to sweet foods.. Tooth sensitivity, regardless of the cause, can result from the loss of enamel on your teeth.
There are many causes of teeth sensitive to sugar, but common causes include brushing too hard or enjoying too many highly acidic foods. (1) Both of these activities cause damage to the enamel of your teeth and can expose the sensitive inner layer of your teeth. Once the outer layer of enamel is damaged, sugary foods, hot or cold beverages, or other irritants have easier access to the nerve center of your teeth, which can cause sharp pain.
If you experience teeth sensitive to sugar, you may want to try using a desensitizing toothpaste such as Crest Pro-Health Sensitive Shield Toothpaste. It features the active ingredient stannous fluoride, which is clinically proven to protect teeth from sensitivity. By protecting your teeth from sensitivity, you can enjoy the foods you love and experience less painful sensitivity. All Crest Pro-Health toothpastes are triclosan free.


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