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Sinus Infection Tooth Pain Might Lead to Tooth Decay

If you suffer from sinus infections, you might develop tooth pain from the infection. Sinus infection tooth pain occurs when the fluid that builds up in the sinus cavities during a sinus infection puts pressure on your upper teeth, which are close to the maxillary sinuses. (1), (2)

What Does Sinus Infection Tooth Pain Feel Like?

Sinus infection tooth pain might occur suddenly and usually feels like a dull ache, like something pressing down on your teeth. Or you might notice tooth sensitivity when chewing. Sinus infection tooth pain also can occur if you don’t have a full-blown sinus infection. You might notice tooth pain similar to sinus infection tooth pain if you simply have a bad head cold and sinus congestion rather than a full blown sinus infection. (1), (2)

Sinus Infection Tooth Pain and Tooth Decay

One of the possible side effects from a sinus infection is that you may start breathing through your mouth. Mouth breathing promotes a dry mouth, and a dry mouth can increase your risk of dental health problems. Saliva in the mouth helps digest food and wash away the bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gingivitis. (1)

If you notice signs of dry mouth after sinus infection tooth pain, try the following:
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse daily.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Try to breathe through your nose as much as possible. (3)
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